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YEL, an international franchise

Do you feel ready to create your own international bilingual school ? Are you head of a school in which you wish to integrate a bilingual approach ? Join our network and open your own international private YEL WORLD SCHOOL !

YEL WORLD SCHOOL meets parents' expectations - In France or abroad - hoping to find a caring, high academic standard education including an opening to the world at the same time enhancing each country's natural and cultural environment.

A double occupation : entrepreneur and school head

Fortified by our experience, we guide entrepreneurs as a business owners and as heads of schools. The tools and procedures developed by YEL WORLD SCHOOL were expertly built around the system of an international private school. We support our partners regarding recruitment and help them choose the best teachers. We also provide guidance concerning the organisation and the design of their facilities as well as the choice of equipment. Likewise, we provide all the internal and external communication tools needed.

A bilingual curriculum in full immersion : We help our partners to define and enforce a bilingual immersive curriculum with a high quality multicultural education level based on international standards for children between 2 and 11 from nursery to primary classes.

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