Cambridge English


A child’s native language, whether it be French or English is perfectly preserved by our high standared of rigourous French and English teaching (reading, written, spoken). We follow the French academic curriculum and its excellent French level ; therefore, children are able to perfectly develop the comprehension and useage of both languages (French/ English) no matter which country the school they attend is based out of. Consequently, a high level of French is always maintained in our school.

A child's innate capacity to recognise and reproduce sounds, enables him/her to easily and naturally learn a foreign language. The English language, if practiced from early childhood, will be permanently learned and will enable each child to efficiently learn other language from secondary school. Daily immersion with our anglophone team and playful teaching methods in addition to the Cambridge English supports, are our school's major assets.

From the time a child enrols at YEL World School, he/she will be submitted to the Cambridge English Young Learners tests, which will assess his/her level.

What about French ?

French remains a preserved subject as our learning goals are strict and precise (it is taught as an academic subject and in accordance with the Education Nationale curriculum). Reading and writing are practiced on a daily basis. Only history and mathematics are taught in French: it is a good way to allow our pupils to express and control their oral and written use of a perfect French language level. Both oral and written communication with parents is done in French. It is our desire to respect a perfect French level.

International school Le Soler

Our school prepares and submits its pupils to the Cambridge English tests

Let's prepare our pupils for a promising future! From the time a child enrols at YEL World School, he will take the Cambridge English Young Learners tests for an assessment of his level.

The Cambridge English exams are completely compatible with the Education Nationale curriculum. Graduating at one or several of these international degrees will enable our pupils to acquire an extremely solid English basis and develop their self-confidence. They will therefore be able to progress in secondary and superior academic institutions, in France abroad. Cambridge English, as part of the University of Cambridge, is constantly related to Universities, Elite Schools, companies and government institutions throughout the world, in order to constantly keep its tests up to international standards.

A CP pupil will be able to prepare the Young Learners Starters (equivalent for 6ème level in Education Nationale).

A CE1 or CE2 pupils will be able to prepare the Young Learners Movers. A CM2 pupil will be able to prepare the Young Learners Flyers (equivalent for 3ème level in Education Nationale). A perfectly bilingual child can already try speaking three different languages when starting secondary school by learning a new one: Spanish, Chinese or Russian! And here’s a wide world open to him/her.