Cambridge English

Qualified and experienced teachers

Teachers from all around the world !

Our team members mostly come from anglophone countries. They studied abroad and have international qualifications regarding teaching, special needs education, holiday instructions, foreign language teaching or sciences of education.

Elementary school Pyrénées Orientales

They have the experience of English private schools abroad: London, New York, Moscow even Sweedish and Italian private schools.

They all have a native English speaking level and can also speak many other languages, sometimes even five: From Mandarin to Italian, Japanese... A whole whorld to discover with your children.

They have all worked abroad but also speak French at a perfect level. Some have dual citizenships and were raised in a multi language environment with for some of them, an anglophone parent. Bilingualism is therefore their life experience !

YEL World School is a member of the Cambridge English Teacher Community.

Ecole Bilingue 66

Ecole privée Pyrénées Orientales