Cambridge English

Young Learners Exams

Why a school that prepares to the Cambridge English Exams?

To prepare our pupils for a bright future ! The Cambridge English tests are entirely compatible with the Education Nationale curriculum since they both assess linguistic skills: oral and written comprehension and expression. Graduating at one or several of these international degrees will enable our pupils to acquire an extremely substantial knowledge of the English Language and develop their self-confidence. This way, the will progress with greater assurance during their secondary and superior studies. Cambridge English, department of the University of Cambridge is related to Universities, Elite Schools, companies and governmental institutions, in order to constantly keep its tests up to international standards.

Ecole bilingue Pyrénées Orientales

The yearly Cambridge English Young Learners exams.

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Ecole internationale Pyrénées Orientales

Since a child enrols at YEL World School, he will be submitted to the Cambridge English Young Learners tests every year in June to obtain an international certification of his level. The Cambridge English tests are a practical element making reality of YEL World School's English learning curriculum. The English we teach is entirely based on the guide books provided by Cambridge University Press. They are handed out at the beginning of each school year to our pupils and teachers.

  • A CP pupil will be able to prepare the Young Learners Starters (equivalent for 6ème level in Education Nationale).
  • A CE1 or CE2 pupils will be able to prepare the Young Learners Movers.
  • A CM2 pupil will be able to prepare the Young Learners Flyers (equivalent for 3ème level in Education Nationale)