Official Cambridge English graduation ceremony 2017-2018

Last Tuesday took place our end of year's school play and the official Cambridge English graduation ceremony.

We were delighted to welcome the Journal Catalan's reporter. Through little video clips of our pupils and teachers' performances, the information website displays the outcome of one year of work, commitment and passion.

Some pictures of the primary's graduation ceremony, dressed with the anglo-saxon traditional gowns, rewarding their results at the Cambridge English tests are also featured.  Our children can justify of an international level and of an excellent French academical level. The YEL World School team is proud of it's CP pupils who succeed a double performance: reading and writing in English and in Franch !

Finally, the Founder Headmistress, Mrs. Magnes, brings to a close on the fact that YEL World School is a place where children thrive, are happy and learn !

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