School information

YEL School admissions

We are here to guide you through the enrolment process. Please feel free to contact us for any query. We invite you, prior to sending a pre-enrolment file, to explore this website and learn more about the unique educational choice YEL World School represents.

YEL World School is an international private school which has 14 represented nationalities in a deeply multicultural environment preparing pupils to thrive for their future schooling and beyond. Most of our pupils come from the region of Perpignan and wish to benefit from a high standard education in a kind, innovative and English immersive structure.

YEL World School is a crossroads for culture, educational innovation, high standard education and good care for children. It also offers a renowned bilingual curriculum, particularly recognised by Cambridge English, the world's second best university. Our pupils take the prestigeous Cambridge English tests every year from CP and we present these international certificates to students in a traditional anglosaxon graduation ceremony.
We have a limited number of 22 children per class (Toute Petite Section : 18 children maximum).

If you choose to join us, here is all the information you will need to start your pre-enrolment file. The process is directly accessible online via a "Parent Portal" you create. Don't forget to add your child's file to your account.

Please take note that enrolments are taken two years in advance.


Next school years :

  • Places are assigned after an interview with the school Headmistress and depend on the remaining places. According to the requested section, an interview can be organised with our teachers in order to assess your child's integration possibilities in our bilingual structure.
  • Priorities are given to siblings.

In the middle of a school year :

  • Please contact us so we can fully inform you on the process to follow and the potential availibilities in the requested section at the time of your call. An interview will be organised with our teachers in order to assess your child's integration possibilities in our bilingual structure.

Important information

  • Enrolment based on year of birth
  • It is essential that parents fully agree with our school's educational project and with its rules. We invite you to read our general conditions and the school rules attatched to the document prior to starting your child's enrolment.
  • All of the enrolment file requested documents are imperative (family record or birth certificate, proof of address, proof of immunisation, school insurance, school reports and certificate of cancellation in case of school change). Any missing document will keep your file pending and will not validate your child's enrolment.
  • We expect our parents to update these certificates every year.