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English lessons : for children and adults

For adults who wish to benefit from an innovative methodology to learn English. Adult lessons take place in our school (in a specific training room), or at your company for you and your staff members (face to face or small learning groups) to make the most of conversational and exchanging dynamics. Lessons will be planned based on our learners' expectations: conversational, specific professional vocabulary or by real life situation exercises. We also offer fun activities such as cooking lessons where you will learn English through daily life situations: useful for travel and holidays ! Our courses are adapted to adults needs and availabilities. Contact us if you wish to have more information to enrol.

For children (from 6ème to Terminale), we offer lessons to help our learners inscrease their comfort of English learning. At the end of the year, children will be able to take the first levels of the Cambridge English tests, if parents desire to do so. A whole year's work will allow a good comprehension of English and achievements will be rewarded by the prestigeous Cambridge English Starts. This is the first step of your child's English learning process. This test combines both written and spoken every day English in a playful and motivating way. It is also very useful for future school and university educational background. Contact us if you wish to have more information to enrol.

For children between 3 and 11, we recommend that they enroll to the YEL Club for a playful English learning through a complete English immersion on Wednesdays and School holidays. Please feel free to contact us if you have any query regarding the enrolment process

Packages & fees

  • YEL School Family Pack : 35€ / hour (YEL World School's pupil's parents).
  • YEL Learn English Pack : 40€ / hour (adult or child).

Private lessons only. For children, the price remains the same for 1 or 2 learners. Specific requests, please contact us.

Cost estimates - English training

Give us a detailed explanation of your needs and get a cost estimate. We will contact you to define to training program and for practical elements.

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