YEL Club

School holidays

Our Holiday Club during school holidays: 136 euros per month (10 months).

Discovering English vocabulary and building little sentences through playful activities such as:

  • Baking/cooking recipes adapted to children in our educational kitchen and enjoy eating them for snack time! And of course, take the recipe home to share with your family!
  • Imagining a theatre piece and preparing costumes, accesories and decor.
  • Discovering drawing with professional children's illustrators and creating comics !
  • Discovering painting over different materials (paper, glass, canvas) and creative collages.
  • Realising original little "DIY" (Do It Yourself) creations and taking them home.
  • Discovering our school's vegetable garden and the pleasure of having our hands fiddling in the soil. What if we found worms? It is the most natural way to learn more about our ecosystem and explore its secrets !
  • Planting seeds, observing them sprouting and experimenting with the surrounding nature.
  • Practicing new sports such as cricket! Or trying basketball with professional players.
  • Singing and playing music
  • Taking care of the mini-farm and its residents. Understanding their needs.
  • Discovering potery and creating real treasures with our hands !
  • Experimenting with science through fun games: becoming a mad scientist or participating in a Sherlock Holmes activity and solving a few mysteries...


Alternative pedagogy