YEL School


They are composed of two teachers per class: an advantageous learning environment for your child.

  • It is our educational choice to provide our pupils with an environment and organisation that is favourable for each child's learning pace. There are 22 children per class where the Education Nationale curriculum is followed. These classes allow some pupils to get ahead start and feel confident ; others will take their time to deal with some fragile notions in depth before going through the remaining curriculum requirements.
  • The limited number of children in each class guarantees a comfortable learning environment and enables our pupils to safely take on the curriculum set by the Education Nationale. This curriculum is published on a yearly basis and is the founding principle of the education we provide. Following this official reference document, an achievements report is given to our pupil's parents at the end of each school year.
  • For our pupils’ ease regarding the English immersion, in primary levels, only CP pupils will be admitted in our school. In nursery school any year level will be accepted. Total immersion will indeed allow a fast acquisition of the language.
  • Our classes are all provided with tactile projectors in order to allow our pupils to develop a preccocious and comfortable understanding of new technologies.
  • At the end of CM2, each pupil will have achieved all the fondamental requirements of the Education Nationale curriculum, allowing him/her to easily follow his/her studies at secondary school (6ème in France). By this stage he/she will be perfectly bilingual and have a high academic level. 

Private school Perpignan

Workframe and homework

It is because we know our pupils work efficiently during their school day that we have chosen not to overload them with homework. From CE2, each child will be given revisions homework in order to strenghthen their knowledge. We will also always encourage our primary pupils to read as it is the key to our world.