YEL School

Educational program

An international nursery and primary private school

YEL WORLD SCHOOL's bilingual nursery and primary innovative educational methodology endavours to guide children with kindness and develop their self-conscience but also help him/her realise what they know and what they don't know yet. Our aim is to guide our pupils to help them grow up in full conscience and become blooming citizens, responsible and open to the world that surrounds them.

The more children are conscious and alert, the more they are in harmony with themselves and their own emotions. They are in full capacity of nourishing themselves with the education that they are provided with. The curriculum we follow is in accordance with the official Education Nationale curriculum.

In a propicious learning environment (reduced class), children are naturally disposed to develop their knowledge and to learn: They can then marvel with the world to discover !

International private school near Perpignan

YEL WORLD SCHOOL's methodology endeavours on a daily basis to :

  • Acces to bilingualism through immersion : Children are naturally inclined to recognise and reproduce different sounds which enables them to easily learn a foreign language. Learning at YEL is playful and allows them to practice a new language alongside classic studying goals such as reading, writing, numbers. Our nursery pupils are in total immersion and our primary pupils spend more than half of their time speaking English, allowing us to guarentee a proper learning of the French language.
  •  Opening to the world : Daily English immersion from early childhood allows children to discover other countries of our world. Foreign languages enable an opening to the world and easier access to surrounding countries. Our school offers a discovery of these countries and cultures by conducting innovative projects.
  • Allowing children to thrive and develop their natural dynamism : Practicing sports or body-consciousness activities are done every day and help children discover their body and their environment. Our interior and exterior facilities also offer them the possibility of freely expressing themselves through playing.
  • Introducing a healthy and balanced diet : Food therefore becomes a subject to discover by exploring a vegetable garden and seasonal products. Our school offers an organic food service that is an important part of our philosophy.
  • Developing children's creativity by discovering arts enabling to express their imagination : potery, cooking, painting, music, dance, theater, singing... It also becomes an opportunity to meet qualified people to share their knowledge and methods. For our oldest pupils, it is also the discovery of crafting occupations.
  • Discovering nature : An environmental approach of our planet's issues. Educating our children on sustainable development. Children lead projects around this theme. Season after season, classes take part in the discovery of the surrounding environment.
  • Learning from intergenerational relations by meeting our elders, sharing activities and emotions resulting from these moments.
  • Learning the principles and values of life in society : based on civism, respect, equality and liberty, we guide our pupils to become future responsible citizens of the world life. Our school offers the perfect conditions to forge their personalities and respect their individuality.