Elodie Magnes


Now living in the USA to share her work and her passion for education, she firstly worked in France for 10 years as a Human Resources Director. Her passion for training, psychology and human relations led her, ten years later, to the education and teaching profession. After a training period in Paris, she starts imagining her own school in 2012 and opens the first YEL World School in 2016 based upon innovating teaching methods she writes for children from kindergarten to 5th grade. She then pursues her training in psychology and alternatives methods in Canada in 2019.

Convinced from the beginning by the necessity of bilingualism from the earliest age and the need for a renewal in traditional teaching, the school she created became, naturally alternative and international.

Today, she devotes herself to the development of the YEL. She works in partnership with leading American institutions, especially in New York to develop this pioneering model internationally in order to accompany and offer in these establishments, YWS branches, always based on the French-English bilingualism, the opening to the world, the caring and the well-being of the child.

I never lose. I either win or I learn. - Nelson Mandela