YEL School

The French Education Nationale official curriculum & differenciation

Programme officiel de l'éducation nationale

Our methodology

At YEL World School, we use adapted teaching methods in order to allow each child to thrive in the best possible and suitable conditions.

The statement is simple : Children have different capacities and learn at various paces, a teacher cannot apply a unique methodology in his or her class. With an advanced knowledge of pupils, a reinforced team in each class, innovative educational methods, a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our building and the taught curriculum : YEL's essential goal is to help each child to thrive and learn by himself and have fun doing it.
It is fundamental that our pupils learn to think, understand, observe and analyse on their own. This will help them as they develop their own personality and become responsible citizens of the world.

At YEL World School, we wish to provide each child a high standard of education in accordance with his or her own individuality. We are fully aware of the crucial importance of school life as he/she starts building his/her own future...

The curriculum

At YEL World School, the teachers follow the official French Education Nationale curriculum. We wish to provide our pupils with the most complete academic knowledge. However, we believe in their potential and always encourage them to challenge themselves and go further by feeding their natural curiosity.

To insure that each child is given the best quality education, our classes have a reinforced teaching team composed of one teacher and one teaching assistant. The classes are reduced. We can therefore afford to take the necessary time to allow each child to learn at his/her own pace.
We follow, in accordance with our comfortable means, the entire curriculum established by the Education Nationale. We then assess our pupils achievements to insure that they all develop the required skills.

In primary, the french and maths lessons are given in French, to guarentee a full understanding of these subjects. In nursery, the national curriculum is also followed, but entirely in English immersion for an easy and naturel learning of the language.

Our English teaching methods are international and established by Cambridge English. They help motivate children in their language learning processes and give them solid fundamentals to become fully bilingual. Your children will later be ahead in English !