YEL School

Presentation of our school and our ethos and values

"Les maitres d'école sont des jardiniers en intelligences humaines" V. Hugo
"Apprendre est l'essence de la vie" J. Krishnamurti

YEL World School offers :

  • A window to the world through immersion : Discovering the world and cultural diversity through history, games, music, singing, painting, dancing, cooking or even crafting !
  • Well-being : Developing natural dynamism, allowing the children to explore, express their emotions and discover their body. That is why physical activities are done on a daily basis at YEL World School !

Ecole maternelle bilingue Perpignan

  • An environmental approach : A playful discovery of our planet's major issues. Being aware of our impact on the world. Even the smallest ACTION can change things !
  • Great quality facilities : A 1270 m2 building and 3000m2 of ground have been equipped with wooden playing strucutres : nature, safety and quality. 9 classes designed to offer an environment that is favourable for learning and working (meeting corners, adaptable tables and seats, interactive boards, etc.) - a 100m2 activity room has been designed for sports, dance, yoga the nursery pupils practice every day... A really colourful room !
  • Two sports fields to practice and play ball-games during lessons and recess times, one outdoor ping pong table !
  • A multimedia library to enable our pupils to do some research on computers for presentations or for small group projects on specific topics.
  • A sleeping room : Warm and cosy... a sky full of stars and fluffy clouds ; perfect for falling asleep peacefully !
  • An educational kitchen : to cook and explore new foods and tastes : A great way to discover different types of cooking from around the world all while having fun and learning english.
  • An organic canteen : Healthy food and a balanced diet are essential. That is why our lunches and snacks are organic. Food also offers the possibility to learn by exploring through gardening in the vegetable patch and cooking in our kitchen. Children can discover nature and learn about seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Ecole maternelle privée Perpignan

  • A green theatre : To practice the language of Shakespeare during theatre activities or school plays.
  • A small educational farm : for egg gathering, feeding the hen but also for understanding how the extraordinary animal kingdom works.
  • A garden : For exploring seasonal fruits and vegetables, understanding seasons, gathering herbs, harvesting vegetables... An entire learning program !