YEL School

School assessments

School assessments from nursery to primary levels

At YEL World School, our standards are as high as our kindliness. That's why we make sure each pupil develops the academic skills required by the Education Nationale curriculum.

Assessments are useful:

  • For children: Aware of their own progress, allow them to self-mesure their achievements and become proactive learners.
  • For teachers: Give us valuable information on our pupils progress and enable us to offer the most suitable method and reinforcment each pupil specifically needs.
  • For parents: Inform you about your child's progress during their learning process.

How do we assess ?

During the year : Each activity can be assessed. We observe our pupil's progress on a daily basis and make sure to adjust the level of difficulty of our exercises to place our pupils in a Proximale Development Zone (distance between what a child can do or learn alone and what he can only learn with help from an expert person).

At the end of the year : A document indexing the mandatory skills required by the French National curriculum has been created for each class. This charter takes into account the linguistic specificity of our school: the language diversity. We offer our pupils the possibility of being assesd in their mother tongue to insure our assessment is in accordance with each child's potential. Our pupils are individually assesed and find themselves in real examination conditions which also prepares them for the international Cambridge English tests at which our pupils are submitted to from CP class.

You will be given your children's school report at the end of each term. These reports will inform you of the different skills learned during this period and will tell you if they were sufficiently acquired through a simple code :
A = Acquired ; B = To be reinforced ; C = Being processed ; D = Non acquired ; E = Non assessed

The reports are then jointly signed by your child’s teacher and the school's Head. They are then uploaded onto your parent portal where you will be able to read it, print it and save it. It will remain at your disposal during their entire schooling. The original version will be kept in your child's personal files and will be handed to you at the end of their primary school years (CM2).



Assessment document template Annual report template