Nursery Teacher of the Grande Section class

Michele is fluent in English and Spanish as she graduated in Foreign Languages Studies. With her Master's Degree, she is a qualified foreign languages teacher. She has been a language teaching assistant in different schools in England for three years and came back from London in 2018 before joining our team. Passionate about reading, music and arts, she always finds the best way and methodology to teach. Michele is kind and always finds the right words. She is a precious help for her learners.

Hello everybody! I originally come from Perpignan and lived in London for a few years before coming back to my Catalan roots. I also traveled in many countries even though there are still a lot on my list! My biggest passions are traveling, foreign languages (I speak French, English, Spanish and Russain) and reading (I always carry a book in my bag! ). In London, my pupils came from different horizons and had different ages which was very rewarding. What matters the most to me is to listen to everyone's voice. I am glad I can guide your children in their daily learning. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon!

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela