Primary Teaching Assistant

A passionate polyglot, Théo joined the YEL World School team to share his attraction for foreign languages and his love for theatre, which he practiced for 15 years and taught for 3 years. This experience made him a skilled speaker and a real educational professional. A great supporter of learning through play, he always tries to add a playful note into his lessons using his personal touch inspired by different cultures of the world.

Born in the Centre-East of France, near Chambéry, I have spent most of my life there. Growing up in relative isolation from the rest of the world motivated me even more to share my culture and discover those of others. That's why I studied several languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. To grow personally and professionally, I decided to study FLE (French Second Language) to teach others French while immersing myself in a foreign culture. Then I moved to Scotland and made this dream come true. Through theatre, singing or cooking, three of my passions, I will be able to enhance your children's learning with a dose of good humor!

Si vous n'êtes pas capables d'un peu de sorcellerie, ce n'est pas la peine de vous mêler de cuisine... - Colette